Closing Doors part 3 “Lost and Found”

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Closing Doors part 1  

Closing Doors part 2

Closing Doors part 3  “Lost and Found”

The second major reason I worked for an ophthalmologist at that time in my life was my son, Thomas.  You see it was such a blessing from God that this ophthalmologist hired me with no experience in eyes and it was two years prior to the birth of my son.  I say this because when my son turned two years old I noticed that he would go extremely close to the TV in fact so close his nose would touch the screen.  He would then move his head slowly scanning every inch of the screen.  I thought he was just playing a game because he could throw a ball right to you and not miss.  In passing one day I mentioned it to the ophthalmologist and said to bring him in for an appointment.

With very young children our office would evaluate vision with pictures and then take a measurement of the eyes that would give an estimated glasses prescription followed by dilation of the eyes.  The ophthalmologist would perform a retinoscopy to determine the final prescription that was actually needed for glasses.  I remember measuring my son’s eyes before hand and I honestly thought our machine was broken his reading was so high.  The machine was cleaned and another measurement was taken by a different individual same results though, this was repeated again two more times with the same results.  The doctor then performed the retinoscopy and confirmed the reading.   The doctor and I thought the machine needed cleaning or recalibration.  It did not.  The ophthalmologist repeated the measurement several times to no avail, same results.

He then explained my son’s vision would be that he probably only could see shadows and very blurry ones at that with such a high prescription.  He could not even see the “big E” at the top of the eye chart well in his case it was the “big birthday cake.”  Tom was legally blind in both eyes and the prognosis was unknown at that initial visit.  The ophthalmologist I worked for was shocked as I was.  I mean my son was only two years old and his prescription was so high that there was a strong possibility that the glasses would be weigh too heavy for his little nose.  The doctor said we would need to ease him into the prescription because it was so high.

We picked glasses out and then waited for them to be made.  Naturally, because of how high the prescription was it would take a little bit longer to process the order.  The glasses could not come soon enough for me.  It took close to a month somewhere in between three and four weeks to finally get them even with a rush order.  Mind you this was just half the prescription and the glasses were pretty thick.  The optician told me they were as thin as they could possibly be made.  The final pair with the full prescription came and when we put the glasses on for the first time we were at my in-laws house in the back yard.  Tom loved playing in their back yard they had a sandbox and such plush grass.  The glasses went on and Tom immediately bent down to the grass and started moving each finger slowly through the blades of grass.  He laid there for quite a while.  I started to cry not because I was upset but because I had so much joy in my heart.  I thought my son’s vision was going to be lost to him but instead it was found.

I thank God for leading me to make that call to the ophthalmologist and accept his job offer.  Who knows if I would have noticed that anything was wrong with my son’s eyes until it was too, late.  The doctor told me that if I had waited a little longer even just by a couple of years for his first eye exam his vision potential would not have been that great.  My son’s vision today at age eleven years old is 20/30 in both eyes and that is the awesome part because God ordained that job for me, I know it!


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Worshipper and follower of Jesus Christ. God has given this Christian the privilege of loving and caring for my amazing son. I absolutely love to worship our Lord and Savior and to be in His presence; there is nothing better!
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5 Responses to Closing Doors part 3 “Lost and Found”

  1. Karuna says:

    Such a powerful story. Thanks so much for sharing it. You and your son were certainly graced.


  2. It is amazing how God’s divine providence leads us even when we do not know we are being led. It is only hindsight that is 20/20.


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