February Doings At C.cada Pt. 2

C.cada is always so much fun especially when we have writing workshops! I like to write in silence most of the time, well, not that day! A certain someone, who will remain nameless kept asking, “Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet?” Needless to say I finished one poem, yay!!!


20160220_094646.jpg Sandy Freeman and one of her carvings.

C.cada is the artist’s ministry of Cornerstone Church our goal is to help people discover, develop and deploy their God given gifts for the church and for the community.

One Saturday a month our artists take over the church for a day. In the afternoon we host a class to help people discover their latent talents. This month I taught a class on the Shadorma form of poetry. We had four artists in attendance. Here are their works built from two prompts:

Buzz word prompt:Holy/Fire/Cry/Witness/Shine

Photo Prompt:



by Deb Maciorowski


Crying. Holy God

Witness to

My spirit,

Fierce fire to cry out loud,

For my lost loved ones.

img_20160213_120606.jpg Deb Maciorowski preaching the Word of God.


by Lisa Johnson

Seek healing.

Cry out to the Lord.

Breathe air in.

Prayer cries out,

With brothers and sisters who

Cry out with me…

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Worshipper and follower of Jesus Christ. God has given this Christian the privilege of loving and caring for my amazing son. I absolutely love to worship our Lord and Savior and to be in His presence; there is nothing better!
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